over the years there have been so many exciting projects I have had the privilege of being a part of ~ if only in the smallest of ways.  These are just a few of those projects ...

Brama, Luxury Condominium Complex, Beijing
Printemps Department Store, Paris
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Four Seasons Hotel, Dubai, UAE

St. Regis Museum Hotel, San Francisco, USA
Superior Ink, New York, USA
Las Olas, Miami, USA
Beach Club Hallandale Condos I, Miami, USA
Beach Club Hallandale Condos II, Miami, USA

Pier 27 Residence, Toronto, Canada
Soho, Toronto, Canada
Hazelton Hotel, Toronto, Canada
Aria Ristorante, Toronto, Canada
Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto, Canada
Canaccord Capital, Toronto, Canada
Burnac Corporation Collection, Toronto, Canada